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[art] oh dang it's some more jetko

I SHOULD START REMEMBERING TO UPDATE THIS THING WHEN I DRAW STUFF. In the interest of that, here's something I drew tonight! It's lazy lazy art but it turned out cute enough to warrant posting, I think. LOVE ME.

Guess what's behind the cut. I'll give you a hint: it's like the only pairing I ever draw anymore, god.Collapse )

[fic] distance

Title: Distance
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairing: Zuko. Jet. Theoretically Jet/Zuko only not quite.
Rating: G, because Zuko is uncooperative.
Word Count: 1016
Summary: Zuko is homesick. Like 64% of all Jetko fic, this is set during The Serpent's Pass. For the Insomnia theme over at jetheartszuko.

Author's Note: Note to self: be less pretentious. :|

'I think I'm homesick,' he says.Collapse )
Title: Several Awkward Moments That Happened One Night When Elizabeth Was Drunk
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters/Pairing: Barbossa and Elizabeth. (But it can totally be Jack/Barbossa if you want it to be.)
Rating: PGish
Word Count: 1,694
Summary: In which Barbossa and Elizabeth have a slightly inebriated chat on the one-year anniversary of her coronation.

Dignified weddings come and go, but most, I think, don't involve gentlemen with eels where their heads ought to be.Collapse )
Because the idea of Toph/the Duke hasn't quit bugging me since he let her throw up in his helmet, and obviously the only way to remedy this is with obscenely cute fic.

Title: Ten Times The Duke Didn't Win Toph Bei Fong's Heart
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairing: One-sided Toph/the Duke. Special appearances by Pipsqueak, Haru, Teo, and Zuko.
Rating: G
Word Count: 2541
Summary: In which the Duke has a gigantic crush on Toph.

Read more...Collapse )

[art] quite the little crush

So this one time I was trying to draw Azula and Ty Lee making out as a special gift for a friend of mine. To make a long story short, I discovered that I am physically incapable of drawing omghot things. Awkward, on the other hand... well, awkward just might be my elemental alignment.

And in honor of awkwardness, here's Zuko being molested by Jet in a tea shop. (UH... PG FOR BOYKISSING, I GUESS?)

FACT: Firebenders taste like burning.Collapse )
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